Professional Learning

Training to for an ever-changing profession

CEA believes effective teachers have a deep understanding of the subjects they teach, use appropriate instructional methods, and apply various classroom assessment strategies and participate in professional learning that improves their professional practice.

Below are some of the training opportunities that help members build and share knowledge and skills for an ever-changing profession.

Summer Leadership Conference

Our premiere professional learning event of the year brings 200+ members across Colorado together every June to build skills and share knowledge. Members make their own conference schedules and attend a wide variety of workshops offered by experience trainers with unique professional perspectives. SLC always features a distinguished lineup of speakers who give powerful insights on critical education issues of the day. Look into attending next year’s Summer Leadership Conference with your building’s Association Representative or your Local Association President, and keep on eye on this website homepage in the spring for the conference brochure and registration details.


Teaching is tough business – don’t go it alone. CEA’s innovative online learning platform delivers relevant resources to give you a professional edge so you can help every student thrive. Online courses are fully blended and faciliated by your colleagues, and COpilot’s built-in social network forum, COnnect, gives you a place to meet, greet and create with other Colorado educators. We can all use a COpilot to soar higher and go further in our profession. Register today. And don’t hesitate to reach out to Casey Kilpatrick to get the most from your COpilot.

“I Can Do It” Classroom Management
This is must-have training for the new or veteran teacher looking to make instruction time an ally and take professional practice to a higher level. The CEA workshop offers practical techniques on communication and learning styles, key interventions for difficult student behaviors, hints to help you create a smoothly flowing classroom, and tools to begin building positive parent-teacher relationships. Hundreds of participants have also found opportunities to network with other teachers for future professional support. Casey Kilpatrick has the upcoming schedule for “I Can Do It” classroom management workshops.

Educator Evaluations
The Colorado Education Association is the leader in guiding educators, principals, superintendents and school board members through the rubrics, artifacts and quality standards of the state’s Educator Effectiveness Evaluation System. CEA has taught hundreds of classes across the state to support educators in not only surviving, but thriving in their evaluations. You may have reservations about the SB-191 law, and so do we. But CEA made concerted efforts to ensure continuous improvement of practice, with meaningful and credible feedback, is the system priority. Understanding the rules will help ease the tension.

***For information on the Colorado State Model Evaluation System, including quality standards and artifacts of evidence, click here.