Student-Centered Learning

Student-Centered Learning is Student Success…

CEA members believe that the only way to guarantee our students’ success is to put our students at the center: the center of our classrooms and our schools, the center of education reforms, and the center of attention in every conversation about public education.

  • CEA is committed to working collaboratively with all Colorado communities to ensure the best public education for every student.
  • CEA is working to ensure that research, high-quality student assessments, and training are in place to allow educators to use data-driven decision making in classroom instruction.  CEA supports evidence-based, innovative instructional practices with documented outcomes that can be replicated across schools and districts.
  • CEA will work with teachers to integrate formative assessment data into classroom instruction and advocate for effective training for teachers in the use of formative assessment data.
  • CEA advocates for the integration of the Colorado Growth Model into a systems approach to accountability and improvement that will help educators determine if students are on track to meet academic standards and achieve college and career readiness.
  • CEA is committed to ensuring that educators get training in implementing academic and postsecondary workforce readiness standards, using new state assessments, and implementing supports for student learning that engage students and ensure their success in school.

Find out more about CEA’s vision for student-centered learning in Colorado public schools by clicking HERE.