Professional Excellence

CEA’s Vision for Professional Excellence…

CEA members believe that educators provide the stable, nurturing, inspiring environment that makes it possible to teach each student and provide individual attention to each student’s learning needs. We must raise the bar for what it means to be a quality educator.

  • CEA is committed to the meaningful preparation of teaching candidates, including requiring every candidate to pass a rigorous, classroom-based performance assessment before being licensed to teach.
  • CEA is working to ensure that quality teachers are trained to be cooperating teachers and mentors and all candidates have the clinical preparation they need to teach.
  • CEA supports local associations and districts in developing programs in which teachers mentor and evaluate their peers in order to help beginning teachers succeed, increase teacher retention, assist teachers in improving their skills, and create career opportunities for teachers.
  • CEA will work with higher education institutions to prepare candidates to teach in hard-to-staff schools through structured practice prior to full-time placement.
  • CEA advocates for recruiting a diverse teaching force to teach an increasingly more diverse student population, which will lead to increased graduation rates and greater postsecondary college and career readiness.
  • CEA is committed to becoming the preeminent provider of professional development through an in-house Professional Learning Institute which delivers high-quality learning experiences to teachers

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