Press Release: CEA Recommends Gibson, Bacon for State House


Feb. 27, 2020

DENVER – The Colorado Education Association today announced its 39,000 members will support Hazel Gibson for election to the State House of Representatives in District 6, and Jennifer Bacon for election to the State House in District 7.

“We are proud to back two incredible candidates who are ready to take action and truly make a difference for students, families and educators in Colorado. Hazel and Jennifer understand the importance of strong public schools and have great respect for the educators who serve to help every student thrive,” said CEA President Amie Baca-Oehlert, a high school counselor.

Gibson is a parent of two students with special needs in Denver Public Schools. She is a staunch advocate for increasing education funding across the state. Bacon is a former educator who currently serves Denver students as a member of the DPS School Board.

“When Hazel and Jennifer are elected, their leadership in the House will help pass legislation that will lift more Coloradans out of poverty and confront the gaps in equity that hold back too many students and families,” Baca-Oehlert added.

CEA arrived at recommending Gibson and Bacon through a committee of CEA members who reviewed candidate questionnaires and conducted face-to-face interviews. Baca-Oehlert said Gibson and Bacon clearly came out on top as the best candidates to stand with students, educators and parents.

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