Active College/University Faculty

Higher Education Faculty

Who We Are: College & University Faculty are teaching professionals who are employed full-time or part-time at Colorado's state colleges or universities. Higher education faculty are partners with K-12 educators in our Association. The National Education Associaiton has the largest college and university faculty and staff organization in the United States, representing more than 200,000 higher education employees. Our Association supports the efforts of faculty and staff to safeguard intellec­tual freedom, professional integrity, tenure, and the right to a voice in academic governance. Find out more on NEA's Higher Education website page.

How to Join Us: Many state colleges and universities in Colorado have Local Assocations on campus for faculty. Ask about belonging with your collegues or contact CEA Membership by email or call 303-837-1500 (1-800-332-5939) for membership information.

We hope you will join college and university faculty across Colorado who have decided to join their national, state and local professional associations that work collectively to help every student thrive.