Active K-12 Charter School Employee

Charter School Members

Who We Are: Charter School Teachers and Special Service Providers at those schools are employees of public school districts and therefore eligible for Association membership.

How to Join Us: Most teachers are eligible to join through one of CEA's Local Associations. You will gain membership in the both the NEA and the CEA, and also become a member of a Local Association upon joining. You can join at any time during the year.

Complete the CEA-NEA Membership Form (which you can download here) and click here for a map of our state UniServ Offices. You can ask the local staff about belonging and how to apply. You can also contact CEA Membership by email or call 303-837-1500 (1-800-332-5939) for membership information.

We hope you will join Teachers and Special Service Providers at Colorado's charter schools who have decided to join their national, state and local professional associations that work collectively to help every student thrive.