Colorado educators frustrated by political games to favor charters in School Finance Act

Statement from CEA President Kerrie Dallman on Sen. Republicans adding Senate Bill 17-061 to the School Finance Act, April 27...

Kerrie Dallman"CEA members are very frustrated with Republican senators on the education committee for their misguided fixation to further enrich 200 charter schools at the expense of nearly 1,600 neighborhood public schools. All Colorado schools are suffering financially. Senators know the predicament school districts are up against because they passed the Long Bill for the state budget that includes a $50 million cut to public schools in the 2017-18 school year. The Negative Factor, the ongoing cut to Colorado students, is set to rise to $881 million, yet the Senate is playing shell games in the School Finance Act to move money from one type of school to another instead of tackling the real funding dilemma all schools face.

"Don’t play politics with how schools are funded. Students in all schools will see less resources in their classrooms unless our lawmakers can agree upon measures that will hold the Negative Factor at the current level. Our children have endured nearly a decade of cuts to their classrooms and do not attend the schools they deserve. The CEA calls on legislators to focus on the overall financial health of the entire school system, and to seek greater accountability and transparency from charter schools instead of favoring them with added revenue. Every school community in Colorado needs to see urgency and action in the legislature to pass a School Finance Act that affirms a strong public education for every student is Colorado's top priority."