CEA members look for lawmakers to promote student-centered learning, advance professional practice

The Colorado Education Association will advocate for the quality public schools students deserve in education bills put forth by Colorado lawmakers in the General Assembly session starting today.

“Educators join this profession to create great learning opportunities which unlock the brilliance of every child. We want Colorado lawmakers to join us in creating inviting classrooms that inspire every child’s curiosity, imagination and love of learning,” said CEA President Kerrie Dallman.

Dallman said CEA has a responsibility to work with legislators and ensure student-centered learning is the bedrock of education bills debated in the Colorado General Assembly.

“CEA will evaluate every bill on its merits and how it fits in making public school a student-centered environment,” said Dallman. “We want to support legislation that educates the whole child while offering the individual attention students need to develop unique skills and interests. In addition, we want to make sure that our elected leaders are considering the diverse needs of our students and their families, regardless of the ZIP code in which they live."

Supporting professional excellence is a duty inherent in great education lawmaking. Colorado teachers and education support professionals provide the stable, nurturing environment that makes learning possible, but Dallman said laws must encourage and support people to become career educators.

“We are excited for the opportunity to hear and develop those ideas that will help our districts provide every student and teacher the tools they need to succeed,” said Dallman. She added CEA members want to see further development of the educator evaluation system “that squarely puts the focus on providing meaningful feedback to teachers and principals so they can improve professional practice."

On school funding, Dallman reminds legislators that, “School is where discovery happens, where today’s students start to become tomorrow’s inventors, thinkers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Every Coloradan shares the problem of the state’s low economic investment in our students.”

CEA members have not surrendered to predictions that education budget cuts are inevitable this session, and Dallman said neither should legislators. She encouraged both sides of the aisle to come together to meet the needs of students and resist increasing the ‘negative factor’, the state’s education funding deficit. “Our leaders must step up to the challenge of achieving sustainable funding for quality public schools.”

Dallman concluded CEA is committed to working collectively with legislators and all education stakeholders to improve the public education experience for every student and educator in Colorado.