Greg Lawler

Greg Lawler

TITLE: UniServ Director

CENTER NAME: UniServ Center (San Juan UniServ Unit - SJUU)

PHONE: 970-247-8842





Greg grew up in Arvada, Colo., the middle child with two identical older twin brothers who are now doctors. He has two younger sisters, one a teacher in la Porte and the other a lab manager in Haxton.

Greg graduated from Regis High School in 1978 when it was an all-boys prep school sharing a campus with Regis College on 55th and Lowell Blvd. The rigorous Jesuit driven education coupled with a question-all mentality, especially government and religion philosophy, set the stage for Greg's passion in life. He was a three-sport letterman who turned to running in college. He's always been an avid outdoorsman, enjoying anything associated with the mountains.

Greg followed his brothers to Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., graduating with a B.A. in finance and going straight into law school. During his first year of law school, he was recruited to join Creighton's first NCAA cross-country team. Studying, training and traveling the Midwest went well together and he transferred to the University of Denver.

In 1983, Greg was a law clerk for a small Denver firm that represented educators. He passed the bar the next year with Marti Houser, CEA's former general counsel. In 1986, Marti hired Greg to expand the legal team to a team of three. Greg loved jury trials and was assigned to defend educators, most of whom were falsely accused of abusing their students.

After 20 years of defending an educator's worst nightmare, Greg wrote the book Guilty Until Proven Innocent, chronicling 13 cases in an effort to spotlight the failures in the system and how educators are ousted from the classroom, even after winning their criminal trial, only to be retried by the school district.

In 2004, Greg discovered his 'river runs through it' property in Ridgway, where he built his house and continued his legal work for CEA. In 2006, Greg became UniServ director for the San Juan Basin. He travels the beautiful and sometimes treacherous San Juan Skyway, from Telluride to Cortez, Durango, Pagosa and all points in between. Known for collaboration and innovation, San Juan is proud to be small of number but loud of voice.

Greg married Patty in 2006 and they have two children, Reya and Sean. In 2013, Greg was elected to the Ridgway school board.