K-12 Teachers

Active Teachers are professionals employed by a public school district or BOCES with at least a B.A. degree and the appropriate teaching license. The membership category includes Special Service Providers such as counselors, special educators, school psychologists, social workers, school nurses, vocational teachers and other professionals. Colorado teachers help children achieve academically and learn the skills they will need to be successful and productive citizens.

How to Join Us: Most teachers are eligible to join through one of CEA’s 200 Local Associations or a BOCES Unit. You will gain membership in the both the NEA and the CEA, and also become a member of a Local Association upon joining. You can join at any time during the year.

Learn more about the benefits of membership from the Association Representative (AR) in your school. Your AR will have dues information and can assist you in completing the appropriate forms if you decide to join. Your Local Association may use the CEA-NEA Membership Form (which you can access here) or the AR may give you a local form to complete. If you work in a school district or BOCES without an active CEA Local Association, or cannot locate your AR for any reason, click here for a map of our state UniServ Offices and ask the local staff about belonging. You can also contact CEA Membership by email or call 303-837-1500 (1-800-332-5939) for membership information.

We hope you will join the thousands of Teachers and Special Service Providers in Colorado who have decided to join their national, state and local professional associations that work collectively to help every student thrive.