2019 Legislative Session Info

CEA advocates for issues vital to public education

Our commitment to quality public schools requires that we advocate for issues vital to children and public education. It is our responsibility to work with the members of the Colorado General Assembly and other elected and appointed public officials to support our primary agenda.

Student-Centered Learning
Only a multi-dimensional public education system will meet the diverse needs of all Colorado students and their families and communities. Advancing this system requires a student-centered environment which educates the whole child and allows for individual experiences and interest to drive students’ learning opportunities.

Professional Excellence
Colorado teachers and education support professionals provide the stable, nurturing, inspiring environment that makes learning possible. We are deeply committed to recruiting, training, evaluating and supporting educators so they can meet every students needs and offer individual attention students need to succeed.

Economic Investment in Public Education
All students must get a quality education to prosper as adults—and because today’s students will be tomorrow’s citizens and leaders in our communities, every Coloradan shares both the problem of Colorado’s low economic investment in our public schools and the challenge of achieving sustainable funding for a quality, 21st Century public education system.

Safe Learning and Teaching Environments
CEA members believe that a safe and effective school climate is necessary for promoting educational excellence in our public schools. All students and education employees must be allowed to learn and work in an environment free of unauthorized guns and other deadly weapons. Further, ensuring a safe school environment requires a multi-level approach that includes developing and implementing routine assessments and review; maintaining communication with local first responders; training for staff on issues such as bullying and harassment prevention; ensuring availability of qualified school personnel to recognize and identity warning signs of potentially problematic or violent behavior; and observing gun safety policies.

Respect for School Employees
CEA advocates for salaries, benefits, and working conditions necessary to attract and retain high-quality public education employees. We advocate for basic rights in collective bargaining and due process for all education employees.