Every Member Option

Ensuring members have a strong voice in ballot issue campaigns

The Colorado Fund for Children & Public Education, a committee of elected CEA members, is responsible for using our members’ Every Member Option (EMO) contributions so that members have a strong voice in ballot issue campaigns and the election of our recommended, pro-public education candidates. Every member should know how EMO works.

CEA Active members annually contribute $43 (teachers) or $21.50 (ESP), collected with your dues and set aside in a separate account. EMO is used by The Fund to support pro-public education ballot issues and defeat anti-public education ballot issues; help your Local Association pass bond issues/mill levies and elect school board members; and contribute to candidates running for state elective office, such as Governor, State Board of Education and State Legislature.

The only candidates CEA recommends are those demonstrating they measure up on the education issues we care most about: strengthening public education, improving student learning, ensuring children’s health and safety and respecting education employees. We recommend candidates only if they complete our recommendation process, submitting a questionnaire on education and education employee issues and interviewing face-to-face with local Association members. We recommend Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated candidates through our bipartisan recommendation process.

Your CEA EMO does not help elect any federal candidates (Congress or President). Our members’ NEA dues do not go to federal candidates, and there is no NEA Every Member Option.

We hope you agree that your EMO is important to public education in Colorado and that your contribution will combine with other members’ EMO to make a difference for our students and our profession. If you do not wish to do this, you may get an EMO refund by notifying CEA. To request a refund, send your name, address, and Local Association by December 15 to Every Member Option Refund, 1500 Grant Street, Denver 80203, or use the online request form, linked here. We will verify your membership and send you a refund check. If you have questions about the refund process, call Penny Noscroy at CEA, 303-837-1500 or 1-800-332-5939.

Please take a few minutes to view this video about Every Member Option and its important role in supporting educators and students.