Public education policy and politics are tightly connected.

Every election is a great opportunity to bring pro-public education candidates into office who will collaborate with CEA and our Local Associations to improve learning conditions for our students and fight for the rights of education employees.

Elected officials, from school boards to the State House and the White House, make decisions that unmistakably affect public education. Through both policy and law, elected officials decide:

  • school funding and related issues like class size;
  • academic standards, curriculum and assessment;
  • employee salaries, benefits and retirement;
  • school services and safety measures;
  • and employee evaluations and due process rights.

It is nearly impossible for elected officials to convene without making a decision that affects public education. That is why our Association understands the link between public education policy and politics – and why our members are involved in politics. We understand political issues, and work to protect and advance public education and education employees’ issues in the political arena.

So Every Student Thrives – that is why our members work to pass local mill levies and bonds to improve their community schools. It’s why Association teams interview and compare political candidates, recommending to our members those who measure up on public school issues and show commitment for our values. And it’s why we are involved in ballot initiative and referenda campaigns: supporting issues that help public education and defeating those that have potential to harm our schools and students.

Visit GoVoteColorado.com to register to vote or to manage your voter registration if your personal information changes.

We believe it is our Association’s job to do all this as advocates for public education and education employees.