Election night 2017 sees voters reaffirm support for public education


In communities across Colorado, voters affirmed their commitment to public schools and their unwavering support for our students. Pro-public education candidates were elected who will put student success first and will create the collaborative partnership that educators want with their administrators and elected school officials. Mill levy and bond measures were passed, ensuring some students will get relief in the future despite the state’s inability to properly fund our schools. Read full CEA statement >>>

Key races in Aurora, Jefferson County, Brighton 27J, and Douglas County were all favorable to public education candidates in a clear voter rebuke of the corporatization of public schools. Mill and bond measures passed all over the state, ensuring that students found some relief despite the fact that the state fails to adequately fund our schools.

Last night’s election also reminded us that our education system in Colorado is still a system of “haves and have-nots”. There are many school districts out there that still don’t get the funding they deserve and there are many school districts out there that fall prey to outside interests. Out-of-state money pouring in to influence local elections is a pervasive problem; a problem getting worse every election cycle. For all of our victories, it’s educators at the forefront; spending your own hard-earned money through CEA’s Every Member Option (EMO) to advocate for the candidates and the issues that will help your students in the classroom.

Let’s keep up the fight for our students!

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