Economic Investment

CEA’s Vision for Economic Investment…

CEA members believe education is the best investment we can make in the Colorado quality of life. Every Coloradan shares the problem of our low economic investment in public schools and the challenge of achieving sustainable funding for a quality, 21st century public education system.

Economic investment strategies

  • CEA is committed to engaging Coloradans in conversations about the need for sustainable education funding and forging community partnerships to attain sustainable funding.
  • CEA is working for an adequate, equitable school finance system that will provide sufficient revenue for districts to meet state standards, assessment, accountability, and evaluation expectations and educate all students including English learners, students living in poverty, and special needs students.
  • CEA supports the adoption of a modernized state tax system that meets education’s needs and supports economic development, and modifications to TABOR and other revenue growth and spending restrictions which artificially limit education’s financial resources.
  • CEA will work to protect the long-term solvency of the State Education Fund and the Constitutional spending requirements for public education.
  • CEA advocates for affordable access to higher education for all Colorado high school graduates, including undocumented students who attend Colorado high schools.
  • CEA is committed to concurrent enrollment, early college, and fifth year programs that ease the transition from high school to higher education through the opportunity to take college courses in high school.

Find out more about CEA’s vision for investing in Colorado public schools by clicking HERE.