Vote Guillermo Barriga for PERA Board

Vote Guillermo Barriga for PERA BoardCEA is supporting Guillermo Barriga for election to the School Division of the PERA Board of Trustees. All CEA members should have received a ballot in the mail in early May to vote in this election. May 31 is the deadline for ballots to be postmarked.

Barriga is the project manager for the Metro Migrant Education Program in Aurora Public Schools. He is running on a message of security and dignity in retirement and will be a strong advocate for a well-funded defined benefit pension plan on the Board of Trustees.

"Throughout the country, pension funds are under attack by politicians and we have seen many states move towards defined contribution plans that do not offer the same level of retirement security to workers. That is unacceptable to me. We cannot have teachers, nurses and other public employees retire into poverty," said Barriga. CLICK HERE to read more about his views for PERA's future. 

Please vote for Guillermo Barriga for the PERA Board of Trustees and remember to mail in your ballot by May 31.