The Schools Our Kids Deserve

CEA is focusing on three key campaigns to help organize educators and our communities to build power and fight for the schools and public education that every child in Colorado deserves:

Time to Learn, Time to Teach

  • Community Schools: Community Schools leverage public school facilities to become hubs of educational, recreational, cultural, health and civic partnerships, which optimize the conditions for learning and catalyze the revitalization of the community.
  • Time to Learn, Time to Teach: All of our students deserve the tools and time to learn, but there is too much focus on standardized tests in schools today. We need more time to teach so our classrooms emphasize curiosity and one-on-one instruction, rather than testing, to inspire a lifelong love of learning.
  • Elevating Families Out of Poverty: We already know, not just from conversations with education professionals but also through a wealth of research, that poverty is one of the biggest issues facing public school communities today. Not only do students dealing with real issues such as hunger and housing insecurity struggle to succeed in school, there are also school employees who have difficulty making ends meet. In order to address these serious systemic issues in our school communities, we are making this campaign one of our main focuses as part of the Schools Our Students Deserve.