Personal Liability

Personal LiabilityEducators are exposed to situations that may give rise to legal actions involving your personal liability. If a student or a parent files suit against you, professional liability insurance will provide you protection (including coverage for cases of alleged child abuse). We have the people to go with the insurance: a CEA attorney is assigned to help a member from the outset. Such protection and assistance are absolutely critical, and we are experts in the applicable areas of Colorado law.

Employment-related civil cases are covered by our liability insurance and we have the people to help you right away: a UniServ Director or attorney to provide representation in sensitive matters, such as sexual harassment or discrimination. We also have the people and the insurance to cover criminal cases connected to your employment, civil rights cases, and cases of assault in the course of your employment. So-called “professional” organizations, other labor unions that offer membership to public school employees, and insurance companies with business liability riders on homeowner insurance do not offer their members what we offer ours. Nor does your employer offer this kind of help. But we do. Members can count on it.