Educators return to Colorado State Capitol to call for support of public education

Thousands will gather on April 26-27 for Lobby Days; PERA and School Finance Act moving through legislature

The enthusiastic crowd of five hundred educators at the Capitol, April 16, has inspired more teachers and school support staff to join the action. The Colorado Education Association is expecting thousands to descend on the Capitol, April 26-27, as lawmakers decide the fate of the K-12 budget and PERA.

WHO: Thousands of educators from across the state

WHEN: April 26 and 27

WHERE: Colorado State Capitol

WHAT: Educators will call on the legislature to make decisions that prioritize public education and education funding.

WHY: We have great public schools in Colorado, but in too many communities we are not giving schools the resources they need for every child to succeed. To be sure that we can attract and retain high quality educators to Colorado, we must prioritize education funding so that educators can support their families and contribute to our communities and our children can reach their full potential.

“School districts and public school supporters end up begging for the leftover money at the end of every legislative session while our dedicated educators are forced to work second jobs and buy school supplies out of their own pockets. Our members are taking a stand at the Capitol next week to demand something better than the leftovers,” said CEA President Kerrie Dallman. “Lawmakers are uniquely positioned to make game-changing investments in K-12 this year and we want to see big results, like a multi-year commitment that proves Colorado values students and respects educators. We invite community members everywhere to join us in demanding the schools our students deserve.”