CEA statement on SB-200 passing Senate

Statement from CEA President Kerrie Dallman on Senate Bill 18-200 passing Colorado Senate today:

ā€œIā€™m proud that CEA members wrote more than 5,600 emails and made nearly 900 calls to their senators expressing concerns about SB-200. The current bill must be changed or defeated in the House as several harmful provisions still exist in SB-200 which do not improve the financial health of PERA and make the pension program worse. With the growing educator shortage, we simply cannot afford to shortchange future educators by including a defined contribution plan. The current bill hurts those who are underpaid already. The defined contribution provision does nothing to shore up PERA, and adds to the program cost in the long-term. The Senate also chose to absolve the state of its responsibility to shoulder a fair share of the PERA reform burden, even when the state and employers have underfunded PERA by $4.5 billion since 2001. This is a significant component of our unfunded liability, which has undermined the stability of PERA and our commitment to public employees. Let us work together to improve PERA, but not on the backs of public servants who make Colorado a great place to live, work and raise a family.ā€