CEA rejects rumors, reaffirms support for Kennedy

Educators are alarmed by misleading statements circulating in the media that attempt to link Cary Kennedy to the controversial Senate Bill-191 educator evaluation law. The rumors stem from the fact that Kennedy, as a member of the steering committee of the Colorado School Finance Partnership in 2012, ‘agreed to each recommendation and, ultimately, to the full set of recommendations’ of a report covering a wide range of education issues.

“It is important to note, and some seem to have forgotten, the steering committee did not reach any consensus on a recommendation for Senate Bill 191. In fact, the Colorado Education Association was on this same steering committee while continuing to stand in staunch opposition to Senate Bill 191’s overuse of standardized test scores to evaluate educators and other troubling provisions,” said CEA President Kerrie Dallman.

Dallman said it’s normal for large coalitions, such as the Colorado School Finance Partnership, to have both a set of agreed recommendations as well as individual statements of interest by each coalition member.

“Participants named in the report did not support every aspect of the report, and CEA is a prime example as we continue to oppose major parts of SB-191 to this day. Therefore, it’s foolish for anyone to suggest all members of this committee must have automatically supported SB-191 just by being sitting on this committee,” Dallman added.

The Colorado Education Association reaffirms its proud endorsement of Kennedy for Colorado’s next governor. Kennedy is a true champion for public education with a strong record of support for educators and students, including:

• Creation of the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) program, which has funded the renovation and replacement of more than 380 dilapidated Colorado schools without new state taxes;

• Leadership to pass Amendment 23, prioritizing education funding and avoiding even deeper budget cuts in Colorado public schools;

• Commitment to maintain the financial stability of members’ PERA funds and delivering a stable, defined-benefit retirement to educators and other state employees as state treasurer; and

• Development of school readiness legislation that brought additional federal funding to Colorado, helping child care providers serve more low-income children.

“Ultimately, Cary’s long and impressive record of supporting public education made her the only real choice for educators,” said Dallman. “Cary shares our belief that it’s not acceptable for Colorado’s economy to rank at the top while our investment in public education ranks at the bottom. She is the only candidate for Governor who will make education Colorado’s top priority.”