Capacity Building &
Leadership Development

We Grow the Movement and Help Leaders Lead

We are a member-led union. That means our rank and file members, everyday educators, are at the helm. Each one of us is a leader in some way, whether it’s in our schools or by being democratically elected by our peers to serve as the president of our local or state association.

There are many paths to leadership in our union. Members can be elected, appointed, or volunteer to be on the board of directors, a member of one our advisory committees or caucuses, an association representative (AR), or even the convener of a happy hour after school. When our members step up we’re here to help them succeed.

New Members

There is strength in numbers. With over 39,000 members in Colorado, we have a pretty big voice, but one of the best ways to turn up the volume is to have even more voices chanting with us. That’s why we prioritize growing our membership in all of our local associations. We all share the job of reaching out to our colleagues and asking them to join us in the fight for the schools our students deserve.


We’re not selling anything here. When we sit down to truly get to know each other, it is real and it is transformational. We are building deep, grassroots relationships with our members and our community allies by having one-on-one conversations in every school district in Colorado. We believe that our strength is derived from the connections we make and the ways that we work together.

Skills Training & National Networking

Want to learn how to speak in front of 10,000 people on the steps of the Capitol? Would you like to invite your local association, district leadership, students and their parents to a forum about Community Schools? What about hosting a back home lobbying event or even just how to run an effective 10-minute meeting with the other members in your building? With over 3 million members in America, NEA and CEA have a treasure chest full of trainings and best practices to help our leaders lead.