Personal Liability

Protection when you need it

Educators are exposed to situations that may give rise to legal actions involving your personal liability.

Educators are exposed to a variety of situations that may give rise to legal actions. All Active unified (CEA-NEA-local) members are eligible to participate in the Educators Employment Liability Insurance (EEL) program.

The EEL insurance policy provides coverage for employment-related civil suits brought against a member for negligence and conduct.  The EEL insurance policy also provides coverage for a member when they’re charged with violating a criminal statute in the course of their employment as an educator.

CEA has attorneys on staff to help members with employment related matters.  Such protection and assistance are absolutely critical, and the CEA staff attorneys are experts in the applicable areas of Colorado law involving educator rights and protections.

CEA has attorneys to provide representation in sensitive matters, such as sexual harassment or discrimination. Other professional organizations that offer membership to public school employees, your employer or insurance companies with business liability riders on homeowner insurance do not offer the same level of coverage that CEA offers their members.