Legal Assistance

When you need advice, you need people.

While liability insurance is a first-rate benefit of Association membership, members rarely need it. When they need advice and assistance, members need people.

Our Association provides comprehensive legal assistance for a wide range of employment matters such as performance evaluations; discipline; nonrenewals, lay-offs, and dismissals; Our attorneys are trained and experienced in public education law, employment law, and labor law; some specialize in criminal law as well. CEA is the only public education employee organization in Colorado that provides this comprehensive legal services program.

We have people there for you:

  • Association Representatives in schools and work sites;
  • Local Association Presidents;
  • Full-time UniServ Directors; and
  • Experienced Association staff.

These people can help you resolve employment related problems quickly, informally or formally. They are your first call when an issue arises. And if you need legal representation or assistance, CEA’s staff attorneys are highly experienced in labor, employment, and education law. Your wisest protection is not job-related insurance. It’s your Association membership.