CEA Today May 29, 2020

Statement from CEA President Amie Baca-Oehlert

CEA President Amie Baca-Oehlert issued a statement today on the killing of George Floyd and racial discrimination in America.

#JusticeforFloyd: Demand the officers who killed George Floyd are charged with murder

Sign this petition demanding justice for George Floyd and tell Minnesota officials that enough is enough. These police officers must be brought to justice.

Send an Email to Your Legislator Telling Them No More Cuts!

First we sent emails to the members of the Joint Budget Committee and they didn’t listen. Now send an email to your representative in the Colorado House. Since 2008, public education funding in Colorado has been underfunded by $8 billion; $572 million this year alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and proven how critical K-12 Public Education is for our society and any further cuts to an already disastrously underfunded system will have extremely detrimental consequences.

Send an email to your representative in the State House, telling them to fill the budget gap somewhere else.

Days of Action Next Week

The Colorado Education Association had previously planned days of action next week to give rise to educator voice during the budget talks going on at the State Capitol. In light of the protests in the area of the Capitol, we are postponing our Monday event and possibly longer, depending on the situation. Please expect an email from CEA on either Monday or Tuesday with our agenda for the week and specific asks and instructions on how you can stand for Colorado students and public education.

Demand Senators Send COVID-19 Relief to the States

Colorado is staring at a scary $3.3 billion shortfall due to lost revenue from the coronavirus crisis. The U.S. House passed the HEROES Act, an historic bill that would help avoid the worst of the education cuts that are expected because of falling state revenues and Great Depression-level unemployment. But the bill’s fate is uncertain in the U.S. Senate. If we don’t act now for federal funding, we won’t be able to give students the help, support and opportunity they need when school buildings reopen. Write our senators now and demand they prioritize our students and educators with dedicated funding for public schools.

Carry a petition for Initiative 271

Without an emergency tax, education cuts in the hundreds of millions could force widespread teacher layoffs, permanent school closures, more four-day weeks, and reduced spending on technology and maintenance. But there is a silver lining – the urgency of this situation has inspired several hundreds of education supporters to volunteer to get a fair tax measure on the ballot. Plus, new public polling shows 69% of Coloradans – a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters – would rather raise taxes on the wealthy than suffer catastrophic cuts. Fair Tax Colorado has support and people are engaging at the right time. If you haven’t already, will you join your fellow Coloradans in carrying and/or signing a petition to get Fair Tax Colorado’s citizen initiative on the ballot?

Did you know you can also tell your story about how the potential of losing funding because of the COVID-19 crisis could affect your classroom and students and what an additional $1 billion in funding would do for public education? Check out the Storyvine app to tell your story!

Tell Your Story to CEA

Are you an educator or do you know an educator making an exceptional impact on their students, parents or community? CEA wants to know what our members are doing, in this time of social distancing, that’s making a difference in their students’ lives. Go to CEA’s Tell Your Story page and CEA Communications will get in touch with you or the member to highlight their accomplishment in the media, our social media, and the CEA Journal member magazine. Spread the word and let us help your members share their wonderful stories.

Lunch Break with Amie & Kevin

This week on Lunch Break, Amie and Kevin talk about all the things you can do to stand up for students as the Legislative Session gets back underway. Your advocacy is crucial as K-12 education in Colorado, already underfunded by over a half billion dollars, is on the chopping block.


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