CEA Membership Overview

Why Join CEA?

By joining CEA you are joining over 3 million teachers, ESP, students, and retired educators across the country to stand up for the schools our students deserve! CEA members are also members of the National Education Association as well as your Local Association. 

We are advisors.
We guide students along the path to discovery.

We are advocates.
We fight every day to improve public education at every level.

We are teammates.
We work together to elevate our profession.

We are experts.
We provide insight and leadership to our students, our schools, our districts, and our communities on a daily basis.

We create opportunity through education. 
Every student deserves the right to have the support, tools, and time needed to learn.

We empower tomorrow’s leaders today.
Quality education inspires students’ natural curiosity, imagination, and desire to learn.

We elevate the profession.
Caring, qualified, and committed educators are at the heart of every student’s success.

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