CEA launches “Change a Life, Change the World” teacher ad campaign

Teaching is “the most exciting, rewarding career,” according to 2018 Colorado Teacher of the Year Christina Randle. She wants to know who else is ready to “be a positive role model for kids and have a direct impact on the future” by joining her in the classroom.

Randle appears in one of the new video commercials produced by the Colorado Education Association promoting the teaching profession to up-and-coming professionals deciding on a career. Opportunities to teach in Colorado are abundant, with many teaching positions unfilled and underfunded school districts in severe market competition with other career fields to attract enough teacher talent into public school classrooms.

CEA YouTube video links

Change a Life, Change the World 1

Change a Life, Change the World 2

Change a Life, Change the World 3

“We are excited to launch these new spots that will inspire the next generation to consider a career in teaching where they can, as the spots say, ‘Change a life and change the world,’” said CEA President Amie Baca-Oehlert. “Nowhere but in the education profession can a person have such a profound impact on the lives of students. We want to show that teaching is a wonderful and noble profession.”

The CEA is investing member resources into ads driving that message home. Using a grant earned from the National Education Association, CEA has partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder to place ads in its athletics programs and social media to drive interested students to CU Boulder’s School of Education.

“This is a pivotal time to continue inspiring young people to consider rewarding teaching careers,” said Kathy Schultz, Dean of the School of Education. “As a former teacher myself, I am always encouraged to see dedicated students and alumni commit their careers to teaching and to our future.”

Outside of CU, CEA will place the ads in markets targeted to a younger demographic and will appear on mobile and digital platforms across a variety of major networks. The ads aim to pique the interest of prospective students to study teaching at any of the state’s colleges and universities.

“Quality teaching is the most important factor in helping students learn. Our students deserve the very best, and they suffer the most when they do not have highly qualified, skilled educators,” said Baca-Oehlert. “CEA members are proud to do our part to raise the profile of teaching and encourage more young people to start their journey in our wonderful career.”