Rhiannon Wenning

My name is Rhiannon Wenning and I am a proud board member of the Jefferson County Education Association. I was born and raised in Colorado, have a History with an Emphasis in Secondary Education Bachelor's of Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado, a Masters of Arts degree in Humanities from the University of Colorado at Denver, and I am currently working on my second MA in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Denver. I have taught at Jefferson High School for 14 years as a social studies teacher, which is also my alma mater, and I also coach our school's varsity cheerleading squad. I am an active member in JCEA, and have served in many leadership roles within the organization throughout my teaching career, including being an AR for 10 years, an Area Articulation Coordinator this year, and working on our political action, organizing, and membership committees.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends, cook, walk, write, read, travel, watch movies, and enjoy Colorado sunsets. I am dedicated to the work I do to stand up for all of my students and educators in and out of the classroom, and I also will be dedicated to the work as a Colorado Education Association Board Member. I believe whole-heartily in the values and principals of the Colorado Education Association, and my goals as a board member is to uphold and foster those values and principals, and to advocate, stand up, and be a voice for all the members of the CEA. I am the CEA and the CEA is me!