Retired Education Employees

Retired Members may not go into our schools every day, but it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped caring for students and our profession.

Membership in CEA-Retired provides you with an active, organized proponent voice to support Colorado public schools and our PERA pension benefits. Your participation in CEA-R will keep you in touch with the statewide and national activities of your peers and your profession. As a member, you will be informed about important issues, such as retirement, medical and insurance benefits. Your eligibility for NEA Member Benefits programs will continue, and you can continue to support your colleagues, public education and children. Your interests at the statewide level are represented by the CEA-R Representative Council, a governing body with elected representatives from each CEA Region. Local Retired Associations throughout the state offer a variety of social, volunteer and leadership activities. Member events such as hikes, lunches and visits to museums, theaters and sporting events are organized to suit many interests.

How to Join Us: Anyone at least 45 years old, eligible to receive PERA or PERA-Denver retirement, and who was employed at least five years in a public school position that qualifies for Active membership can join the CEA/NEA-Retired Associations. Lifetime Dues are paid once at the time you join and guarantee a one-time cost for dues for life. An Annual Dues option is available, but subject to price increases and potential loss of benefits. Click to Download the membership form for retired membership and lock in your dues for life.

If you are not yet retired, but 45-years old, join as a Pre-Retired Life member. This is the best, easiest and least expensive way to begin preparing for retirement. Your dues may be tax deductible if paid before you retire. Learn more about CEA-Retired and Pre-Retired by contacting CEA Membership by email or call 303-837-1500 (1-800-332-5939) for membership information.

We hope you will join the thousands of Retired Educators in Colorado who have decided to join their national, state and local professional associations that work collectively to help every student thrive.